Friday, June 10, 2011

Improve The Local Political Focus

In the interest of trying to wake up our local politicians, I offer my personal response up to the general public.

Incredibly, Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk, whose e-mail list I'm on for reasons I don't know, e-mailed me and countless others looking for "input". However, the matter he seeks input on has nothing to do with his local territory.

This time, rather than ignore and delete as usual with political e-mails, I responded. This is the sort of response that should be e-mailed and forwarded to groups of people you know in hopes others will do the same.

First, the primary content I received from Kirk, reprinted without permission:

Dear Friend:

This week marks the 44th anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War. Before the war, Israel's future hung in the balance. After it, Israel began to plan for a more long-term secure future as a pro-western democracy allied to the United States.
Recently, Washington was confronted with a new debate. After backing Israel's security needs for decades, the Administration called on Israel to fall back to its pre-1967 lines "with swaps" with the Palestinian Authority. This happened in the same month that the Palestinian Fatah leaders announced a coalition government with Hamas, a terrorist organization. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu disagreed and said we should not sacrifice Israel's security in the creation of a new Palestinian state.

I would like to hear from you on this issue.

I strongly believe that we should support the security of our Israeli allies first. You can read more on my views after the jump.

Please feel free to call me at (312) 886-3506 or contact me online at if you have any questions or concerns about issues before the Congress.

It is an honor to serve you and your family in the Senate.

Very Truly Yours,

Mark Kirk
U.S. Senate

Next, my response, which, again, you are welcome to use in response to political e-mails you get stuck with:

Mr. Kirk,

Thanks for the information you provided.

However, I don't see how an international matter with no specific day-to-day impact on us citizens within your service area can be considered anything close to a priority for you at this time. That would explain why you are looking for input about this. It's because those who voted for you are, justifiably, concerned with things you can realistically help to control.

The only international matter you and your colleagues should be focused on is reducing the dependence of foreign oil. The people who voted for you, and who will be asked to do so again, continue to be gouged at the gas pump and now paying more than double what they should for every gallon. The impact is such that local businesses are closing, moving out of state, or forced to raise their prices to us.

Meanwhile, the government you represent wasted millions of our dollars to bail out the banks due to the real estate crisis they created. Just yesterday, three more major banks were reprimanded over their failure to assist shattered homeowners. And I am personally among those, who you will be asking to vote for you, who is stuck owning a house now worth well under the mortgage I'm am still paying on it, with no immediate hope of being able to move or purchase any property.

Now, I see how you and your government colleagues are "looking for input" on a matter that is thousands of miles away.

Unless you expect the people of Israel to help you get re-elected, I'd suggest you focus your efforts close to home.

Dave Kohl
Illinois Voter