Friday, January 21, 2011

Phone Carrier Improvements Because of a Football Game?

The phone carriers all weigh in about getting and being ready for the portable phone use by those at the Bears' NFC Championship Game this Sunday at Solider Field. Some carriers are adding improvements to handle all of the calls. And the reporter leaves it at that?

Since the reporter didn't ask the questions on the mind of us frustrated consumers, I will:

This is the final Bears game at Soldier Field until August, and they all sold out. Why are these companies waiting until the final game to address the usage concerns?

Why only Soldier Field for one afternoon and not downtown and major pedestrian locations where significant usage is an issue on a regular basis?

How come several carriers just announced price increases when it takes a special event to steer them toward "being ready"?

For us consumers:

Have you asked YOUR carrier about this yet?

If you are not attending the game on Sunday, will you let your carrier know if you have any problems?

Maybe if you do, they will hear us NOW.

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