Monday, May 16, 2011

A Rare Political Rant

Those of you who know me know how little time I spend talking about politics, and that’s not about to change. However, this is one time when a political rant is necessary as I see it.

These politicians have added more to my being a “Frustrated Consumer” than any group of politicians during my lifetime. And it’s not even about saving money by not making any political donations whatsoever.

Frankly, I’m furious at everybody commenting about how glad they are the Donald Trump for President talk is officially over, and how many thought it was a big joke. Please understand that I can understand that many people do not like Trump for whatever reason, and I’m not here to necessarily endorse him no matter what.

Right now, we could use more like Trump entering politics. The number of people making discouraging remarks like this is not helpful to our collective future. Whether you like Trump or not, you can’t deny his overall success in the business world, and his ability to get a deal done much of the time. He is NOT a politician either, and is not afraid to let his opinions and decisions be known to all.

We need him, or someone who also has a track record in the business world, to get the ball rolling and start running for office. The career politicians out there aren’t getting it done.

If you are among those who are glad that Trump is not running for President and ridiculed the recent rumors, I have questions for you:

Why aren’t you ridiculing our current politicians, who have us in an unnecessary war and paying more than double what we should at the gas pump every day? What did Trump do to us that was .1% that bad?

How can you not want someone who doesn’t need “our” money to run his campaign platform? Who won’t have to listen to and do “favors” for potential large donors?

Again, this is not a campaign plug for Donald Trump. If not him, we should be opening the doors wide to encourage people who have a successful track record to come into the political arena and help us get rid of what is in there now.

Don’t ask me for one red cent for anyone’s political campaign. When the e-mails and phone calls and people on the street start asking for political support and donations, my answers will start flying right back at them. I’m going to tell them that until gas prices go down at least 50%, the banks stop screwing up the real estate market (after the government bailout), and the troops are still in the middle east, they aren’t getting one red cent from me. When even one of the politicians, regardless of affiliation, comes through for us, then I’ll THEN consider supporting and/or donating to help him or her in the future. Show me.

Fine, if you don’t want Donald Trump to run for President, I’ll give you that. But to ridicule and trash him worse than any of our current politicians we were all dumb enough to elect, that’s another story. Trump didn’t cause the rise in oil prices, the troops to still be overseas, and the banking crisis. Why not ridicule and embarrass those who did?

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