Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wondering Why...............

We as consumers should spend more time questioning ludicrous charges. I'm taking the wise suggestion of pointing them out as they come up.........

The All-American High School Basketball Game is taking place tonight (3/28) in Chicago at the United Center. For Bulls and Blackhawks games, concerts, and special events held there such as Ice Capades and a circus, attendees are asked to pay in the $25 to $35 range just to park their car in the closest parking lots.

Yet, for this basketball game, the promotional materials point out that it will be "free parking". Of course, we don't want to say or do anything to discourage this. But it raises a very important question.

What is it that was done so that parking for THIS event could be free? Why can't the same thing be done for concerts, sports events, and special events all of the time? Especially when you consider the cost per ticket, plus fees, gas prices, and the cost of traveling to the venue.

Speaking of ticket fees, I see where Aerosmith will be in concert at Milwaukee Summerfest in July. They are promoting $25 tickets, even if it is for the lawn. I suppose that's reasonable. Yet, the TicketMaster site indicates that the "convenience fee" per ticket is $25.50. Well, we know what entity this fee is "convenient" for.

However, TM continues to escape the majority of the lawsuits filed over this. Even though it is not necessarily the fault of the musical act (or team in the case of sports), those ridiculous charges for the Aerosmith show (among others) bring one response. Dream On !!


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