Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Does Cabela's Really Need To Sell Guns Online?

The news item that Cabela's is now offering in-store pickup for guns purchased online is disturbing for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, this would seem to indicate a big enough demand to take the retailer's time and attention in order to implement.

Next, it will be interesting to see if this retailer suffers any backlash from this decision. On one hand, the recent wave of violence around the world and mass shootings in the U.S. are reasons for some people to desire to purchase a gun. But on the other hand, there is a large number of people who have stronger feelings against guns being available to the extent that they currently are.

This company becomes the largest of the six national retailers (and keep in mind the word "retailers") who now sell guns online.

Although the increased number of consumers who wish to purchase a gun is understandable to some, making them more readily available on the internet, which should be a huge concern.

We shouldn't have to wait until there is an arrest of a gun owner for a murder case followed by the person arrested claiming their online ordering account was hacked for this to be stopped.

In this age when so many retailers and large companies are making it more and more difficult to have actual human contact and feedback via their web sites, we would like to think that making a dangerous weapon available via this avenue would be the least of their concerns.

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