Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Netflix: Why Not Tell Us What Is New ??

Let me get this straight. I see some "news" stories this afternoon about Netflix for the coming month of February. What did they announce to the public?

An entire list of movies which will be "leaving" Netflix during the month of February.

Say what?

Do the big department stores publicize items they will stop carrying next month?

This makes no sense. I'm a monthly subscriber. If all I see are movies which are leaving the fold, why should I continue my subscription?

There is nothing in any of the articles I saw to indicate that anything will be added. Services such as HBO and Showtime, which often cost even more than Netflix, know to make a big deal about announcing what is coming each month. The purpose is to hopefully attract new subscribers while letting current subscribers know what each new month brings them.

If Netflix won't be offering as much during February, shouldn't they be lowering their price for the month?


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